Hello, my name is Dawid van Graan.
I create for ...




I craft stunning apps & handsome sites
that empower you.

Mobile is definitely where my is. I believe that Mobile is at the forefront of everyday life and this allows me to make a real difference.

My passion for Mobile Technology started since 2008 where I've been involved in delivering projects focused on mobile devices. I've seen the impact mobile has on everyday life and how it has grown since then.

My primary drive and what I enjoy the most in the industry I am in is "problem solving", yet I have learnt that sometimes the most obvious solution is not always the best one. I've also gained a passion for the Internet of Things (iot) and all the endless possibilities it brings.

I am a platform/language agnostic software developer who believes in building quality with a great user experience.

Check some of my latest works.

I create for any platform.
Some examples below to showcase what I've done.
Busy with a whole lot more...

SA Fuel

SA Tax




SA Holiday


SA Flight Info

The Lobola Game


I live in the Somerset West

When you're in the area, let me know so that we can go for a drink.

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